President Gabby's Meeting notes from last week
Don’t forget to support the People’s Choice Lottery –
Please share the details on social media, by email etc.  
Funds will go to Books in Homes. 
Raffle closes 2 March 2023…$2.00 per ticket – great prizes.
 From Feb 23
  • Whitehorse Cluster International Women’s Day event - 8 March 2023 at Box Hill Town Hall.  $65.00 per head.  Please click on the link to access the website and booking information
  • The Trivia night on 25 February 2023 has been rescheduled to Saturday 3 June 2023.  This gives us more time to advertise and generate higher numbers for attendance.
  • Bunnings profit was $1589.08 – a great result.
Many thanks to John L, Rob J, Bob D, Harvey L, Marg H, Judith E, Ian A, Bob W, Bob A, Leela J, Hank G, Roger W, David H, Mike F, Gabby K for assisting on shifts and to Russell W for coordinating and setup/pack up
  • Assistance required for playgrounds 23/02/2023 – was arranged at meeting
  • Whitehorse Farmers Market roster – 12 March 2023
7.30am shift - Bob A
9.30am shift - Leela J
11.00am shift – Janette E