11 April 2021
The Weather Gods GRUMPY
It drizzled!         It rained!          It poured!
The gods even cast a few handfuls of hailstones our way!
However, nothing would serve to dampen the enthusiasm of
30 or so members and spouses of Nunawading Rotary,
as we set out to celebrate
100 years of Rotary in Australia.
We are indebted to Gabby Knaepple -  who served  both on the Whitehorse Cluster Committee as well as on our own club's team - Harvey Lane and Janette Etherington for all the work they have done in organising this event. 
Bruce Simcox had suggested that we carry the baton around on a Cobb & Co coach, mirroring the Rotary Club of Nunawading logo.
While a Cobb & Co coach was no longer available, we considered ourselves fortunate to have secured the services of Horse Drawn Cab Co.- owned by  Mr. John Baird (Coachman) and his wife . Daughter Ebony was our groom for the day. We were delighted with the service they provided.
Bruce's proved to be a brilliant idea, drawing much attention to our celebration of
100 Years of Rotary Service in Australia.
I must admit that I was so distracted by our horses and carriage that I completely missed out on the formal ceremony at the commencement of the relay.
However, in order to complete the narrative, I would like to introduce this excerpt from 
…..Whitehorse Cluster Presidents and representatives assembled waiting for the speeches from District and Council dignitaries and the beginning of the relay.
The Lord Mayor, Cr Andrew Munroe and Greg King sent us off with words of inspiration.
The two hand-held batons were handed to the two AG’s, Geoff Logie-Smith and Kylie Knight-Browne, who then passed the baton to the first baton carriers. The Cluster clubs were separated into two groups, in Team A were MASH, Box Hill Central, Rotaract and Box Hill Burwood, in Team B were Nunawading, Mitcham, NewGen and Forest Hill.
Warwick Stott (FH) took the baton from Geoff and took off on his motor scooter with the flag bearer running to keep up with him. He handed the baton off to Nunawading and the rain started to pour
Occupying the carriage  were three of our longest serving members and their wives
-Bob and Bev Hoskins, Dick and Pam Tregear and Colin and Jenny Taylor 
Together the three Rotarians represented over 150 years of Rotary Service. 
Ian Armstrong carried the Baton and flag on the first leg,
sitting up front with the coachman John, and groom Ebony.
The Rotary Club of Nunawading has played an integral part  in the development of this park.
Colin Taylor outlined our club's historical relationship with the park in a brief introductory speech.
The first 19 presidents of RC Nunawading had planted trees in this park.
Colin - as the 19th Pres. of Nunawading - had been the last to have planted a tree here.
Read the history of this relationship at
View the plan of our Presidential trees at
 On this occasion, Colin would once again plant a tree at Antonio Park
this time in  a joint effort with Peter Schoner .
after brief speeches made by park officials.
Jim Robson then took possession of the baton and flag,
and we all set off for the next destination
Ian Armstrong. President of EERN welcomed us all to the Warehouse.
He spoke briefly of the many ways in which several Rotary Clubs had supported EERN over the years.
Click Read more at the foot of this segment to read a summary of Ian's speech
Russell presented Ian with a cheque from the club -
funds raised from recent fund raising efforts on Australia Day.
Jim handed the baton and flag to  Bruce Simcox for the next leg of the relay.


We are grateful to Bunnings for all their support and fundraising opportunities they have provided us with. Our monthly Sausage Sizzles here have been lots of fun .

The club raised $ 50,000 for this project - a major feature of our
25th Anniversary Celebrations.
To quote from an article in the Nunawading Gazette :
"The Rotary Club adopted three main approaches towards raising the funds; the first through corporate donorship from businesses in the area, the second through a major raffle and the third through the organisation of a Family Fun Day."
Bob Hoskins and John Sharwood talked about how this project had been
undertaken and implemented - their story interspersed with amusing anecdotes
that had us all rocking with laughter.
Unfortunately, the dreadful weather put paid to our plan for a barbecue,
and while it was still possible for the public and Rotarians alike to take a ride inside the carriage, I suspect we all felt too sorry for the horses to take advantage of the opportunity.
The Baton was returned to the Whitehorse Civic Centre to be handed over to the RC Mitcham.
25 years later, RC Nunawading  provided the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary
with a Yarning Circle - this time to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.
report from Kiel Egging
NewGen had a great time on their leg of the Whitehorse R100 Baton Relay on April 11.
All six members met at Natalie's restaurant to take over the baton from RC Mitcham and whack on our capes.
We then braved the wet weather to walk down Heatherdale Rd with Cr Prue Cutts.
The club got a nice reception at Rise&Grind 3133 and tucked into lollies, coffee and 
the 100 free cupcakes kindly made for us by Maddie and the team.
We abandoned the long walk up Canterbury Rd and got lifts to our final stop - Glenny Kebabs - for a post-relay feed, and to have over the baton to RC Forest Hill.
Thanks so much to everyone who came to hang out with us on the route, and we look forward to seeing you at Parmas For Polio in a few weeks time!
That evening we celebrate the successful completion of the relay at   
at the Burwood Brickworks to
NewGen's Kiel did a fantastic job as MC, congratulating clubs on their seamless baton transfers, and thanking organisers for all the hard work  that had done to make such a success of the event.
DG Alma - Cheerleader in Chief - was presented with the batons,
welcoming us with great enthusiasm 
It was a most enjoyable and fitting end to a fantastically fun day!

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